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What is Open Sesame?


We are an organization (Type 2 animal handling business) that helps horses that have worked for people to live out their remaining years in a happy environment.

Just as there are "nursing homes" for humans and "retirement facilities" for retired guide dogs, there are "retirement homes" for horses that have completed their role.

Currently, most racehorses and horses that work at riding clubs are disposed of or crushed once their role is over.

This is because keeping a useless horse alive still costs money.

The horses here are taken in before they are put to death and are able to live out the rest of their lives peacefully, fulfilling a new role of "healing people's hearts."

Life Weaving Resurrection Project

As of December 2011, Arao Racecourse in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture was closed.

At that time, Arao Racecourse was the oldest racecourse in local horse racing.

~The racecourse will be closed.~

It's simply a restructuring of people and horses .
People who worked with horses suddenly lost their jobs.
Most of the horses that ran for people have been disposed of.
We do not want these animals to meet such a tragic and sad end, so we launched the "Life Weaving and Resurrection Project" to create a place for both horses and people.

Details of our activities are posted on Facebook .
Please also check out our Facebook page .
( Click here for the official Facebook page of Minamiaso's Yoseiuma Ranch "Open Sesame")

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