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Links to purchase horse feed, etc.

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We have received messages from supporters saying, "I would like to send relief supplies, but I don't know where to purchase them" and "Please provide links" (especially as they don't know where to purchase feed, etc.), so we are very grateful to have provided below links to online stores and other places where you can purchase supplies.
Of course, you are not required to purchase from this link.

Thank you.

*The link may be temporarily inaccessible if the product is out of stock, etc.


[For stamina management of old and weak horses] 2017.6.26up!

It is given to older and weaker horses.

Ingredients for Garlic Miso

*To improve stamina, mainly for older horses

*The following is enough for one meal (approximately one animal for two weeks)
・Barley miso (or mixed miso) 10kg/time・Ground sesame seeds 1kg/time・Grated garlic 1kg/time・Soybean flour 1kg/time・Honey (other than acacia) 1kg/time・Dried bonito flakes 500g/time

▼Barley miso 10 bags free shipping
▼Grated garlic

▼ Ground sesame

▼Soybean flour
▼ Dried bonito flakes powder

Pocari Sweat Powder

*Give this to older horses to help relieve dehydration

▼ [Chikyu Zakka Store] Rakuten Ichiba 10L 10 bags free shipping

Horse protein

Profeedhttps :// ?pid=100636934


[Horses' Meals] 2017.2.2up!

At the ranch, we usually feed our horses Hay Cube, Yushun, barley, bran, etc.
"Hay cubes approx. 70 kg/day", "pasture approx. 30-60 kg/day", "Yushun 5 kg/day", "pressed barley approx. 15 kg/day", "bran approx. 12 kg/day" - this is all the feed the horses will eat in a day. We will need a lot of feed and money, so we appreciate your help.
Purchase is available from the link below.
Currently, Yoshoba Farm Open Sesame purchases sesame seeds from a nearby agricultural cooperative at market price of about 1,800 to 2,200 yen per bag.

*You can also support the horse fundraising by becoming a foster parent (regular support) or a supporter (donating only this time). → Here (to donate)

Hay cubes, pasture grass

[Rakuten Market Hay Market] Free shipping for orders over 5,250 yen (Alfalfa Hay Cubes 30kg)

▼ [World Ranch] (Hay Cube)

▼ [Okazaki Kosan Co., Ltd.] 7-145, Saiwai-cho, Kanda-machi, Miyako-gun, Fukuoka, 800-0314, JAPAN, TEL 093-434-3191, FAX 093-434-2594 ( )
TEL 093-434-3191. They don't seem to have an online store, but you can buy one bag (30kg) for about 2,300 yen (current price), which is almost half the price. It seems that you can buy about 5 to 10 bags at a time and have them delivered directly to the farm. Open Sesame has been very kind to us.

▼ [Rakuten Animal Treats] (Alfalfa hay 20kg)

▼ [Rakuten Hay Market] (Hokkaido Timothy 2nd cut hay 20kg for commercial use)

▼ [Rakuten Hay Market] (Wheat Hay 20kg for commercial use)

▼ [Rakuten Hay Market] (US Timothy 2nd Cut (Premium) Hay Double Press 20kg for Commercial Use)

Pressed barley

▼ [Rakuten Market: Animal Treats] (20kg of pressed barley)


* Formulated feed for horses to keep them in the best health condition

▼ [Rakuten Market: Animal Treats] (Yushun 20kg 3,456 yen)

▼ [Yahoo! Bokusou-ya] (Horse feed Yushun 20kg 3,456 yen)

Pasture grass (timothy, alfalfa, etc.)

*Timothy hay and alfalfa have different nutritional value, so we use both.

▼ [MT&tStore] Free shipping for orders over 3,500 yen (1 bale of timothy grass weighs approximately 27 kg)

▼ [World Farm] (Italian ryegrass approx. 25 kg)

▼ [Rakuten Market Pasture Market] Free shipping for orders over 5,250 yen (Alfalfa 20kg)

Sliding Doors

▼ [Rakuten Market: Animal Treats] (20kg of bran)

▼【Address to send your support】

1792-2, Shirakawa, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto, 869-1502, Japan

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