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Horse donation box installation cooperation store

"Horse Fund" is a donation that is used exclusively for horses.
This covers expenses such as supplies, food, and veterinary care for the horses.
Donations can be made by 1. transferring funds to the postal transfer account 01770-4-136101 Open Sesame Horse Donation 2. donating to the donation box
There are two ways to do this:

The following participating stores have kindly placed Open Sesame's "Horse Donation Boxes" in their spaces.
Thank you for your support of Open Sesame!!

Kumamoto Prefecture


Business type: Massage salon Address: 1-13-13-3F Nishihara, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City
Phone: 080-1754-7788


Business type: Beauty salon Address: 1-10-38 Oe, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City
Phone: 096-362-1062

Freedom English School

Business type: English conversation school Address: 2-6-3F Jotocho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City
Phone: 096-322-7100

Hair Salon Xie

Business type: Beauty salon Address: 25-10 Matsubara, Uto City


Guesthouse Nowake

Industry: Sales (bread)
Address: 3617-8 Kawakage, Minamiaso Village, Aso District
Phone: 0967-67-0744


Business type: Retail Address: 1-3-27 Akitsu, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City



Business type: Beauty salon Address: 1-7-46-1F Tsukide, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City
Phone: 096-385-0277

Snack Akaijo

Business type: Food and beverage business Address: 1-3-16 Wakaba, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City
Phone: 096-369-7815

Grant's Moot, a bakery in the town

Industry: Sales (bread)
Address: 2752-1 Hisaishi, Minamiaso Village, Aso District


Home Cafe Slow Life

Business type: Coffee shop Address: 2051 Ashikita, Ashikita-cho, Ashikita-gun


Gunma Prefecture

Shimoyama store

Industry: Sales (rice and alcohol)
Address: 1076 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City


Industry: Restaurant
Address: 2423-15 Kasakake-cho Shika, Midori City
Phone: 0277-76-7783

Yoichi Tsukemen Laboratory Asami Branch

Industry: Restaurant (Tsukemen)
Address: 393-1 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277-30-5118

Masuya Stationery Store

Industry: Sales (stationery)
Address: 891 Omama, Omamacho, Midori City
Phone: 0277-72-1545

Takei Orthopedic Clinic

Industry: Medical (Bone Setting Clinic)
Address: 1427-10 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City


ST.CECILIA St. Cecilia Guest House

Business type: Wedding hall Address: 3289 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277-76-2272

Ogiya Ramen Kasakake branch

Industry: Restaurant (Ramen)
Address: 453-1 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277-77-2600

Hair Salon Iwasaki

Business type: Barber Address: 3276-13 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277076-2434

Toy and candy wholesaler Katagiri

Industry: Wholesale (toys and sweets)
Address: 3310-1 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277047-8001

Udon teahouse Azami

Industry: Restaurant (Udon)
Address: 1060-10 Asami, Kasakake-cho, Midori City
Phone: 0277-76-5983

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