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Farm Information and Access

What Open Sesame can do

Other experiences available include hard work such as mowing grass, bringing in a barbecue, using the event venue, strength training, growing and harvesting vegetables, receiving life advice, and taking home fertilizer.


Horses are gentle animals, but please be aware of the following points to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with them.


Precautions depending on the nature of the horse

Horses are extremely timid animals, so be careful not to startle them.
When his ears are down he's in a bad mood.
Stay away from them. Don't go behind the horse.
Also, there are horses with disabilities or that are elderly, so please refrain from throwing stones at them.


Precautions when feeding

Hold the long carrot like a drumstick.
The smaller one opens his palm wide, places a carrot on it, and holds it up in front of the horse.
For small children, you can either throw them in or feed them on a stick.


Precautions within the facility

Please do not go inside the enclosure. The horses will bite you and want to play.
Be careful when within reach of the horse and take care not to injure yourself.


Address: 1792-2 Shirakawa, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Nearest station: Minamiaso Railway Minamiaso Shirakawasuigen Station
Google Map: "Minamiaso Farm Sanctuary Open Sesame"

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